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Post by Captain_Obvious on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:40 am

* If you have already decided to do a private roleplay with another user, please put both Your username and the other user's username in the THREAD TITLE. This tells everyone that they cannot participate in that particular roleplay.
Ex. "Medieval Times Roleplay. *For Jane and Bill Only*"
* If you have spots open in your roleplay, then post how many and what they are. For example, if you are doing a good wolf/bad wolf roleplay with only two characters, and you are the good wolf, then you would put as your roleplay title:
"Evil VS Good. Wolf RP. *Evil Wolf needed! One spot open*
* If your private roleplay is like the one above, the spots are on a first come first serve basis. If you want a certain user to join, then you should make a private rp with them only and not advertise open spots.
* Once your rp has no more spots availible please put either "No spots availible" or the names of the members in the title. This helps people who are scouting for possible private rps to join
* Please be courteous. If a roleplay looks like fun, don't beg to be let in. Please also don't be rude to members who apply to join. The thread will be closed.
* And please DO NOT post in a thread if you are not a member of it!
* Again, a reminder not to Powerplay or Godmod. This particular section of the thread still applies to all of the rules the normal roleplaying sections do!

*taken from DSRP and WB*


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